Balune Glue Tape Dispenser

Balune Glue Tape Dispenser-Balune Glue Tape Dispenser, DIY Invitations

Balune Glue Tape Dispenser

Belune Glue tapes are easy to use, clean and they work!

8.4mm x 12m of glue tape in a handy dispenser.

- Quick and easy

- The glued surface is clean and smooth - no bumps and lumps

- It is a "dry" glue - there is an instant bond, no need to wait for it to dry

- Pivoting head lets you make circles, curves and straight lines where you want

- It is the perfect alternative to using a glue stick or liquid glue as it is not messy (so you

  don't end up with glue on your fingers, workbench or other materials)

- Refillable - so it is cost effective

- Undetectable when gluing translucent papers to something light-coloured (e.g. white,

  cream, light silver).  Fasteners are recommended if you plan on having a translucent

  paper on top of something dark, unless there is ribbon or another layer of paper that

  you can hide the glue under, in which case the Balune Glue Tape is still suitable.

We use and strongly recommend Balune Glue Tape for all paper-to-paper and

ribbon-to-paper adhesions for its convenience and ease of use.

Balune Glue Tape Dispenser



Balune Glue Tape Refill-Balune Glue Tape Refill, Glue Tape, DIY invitations, Wedding, bomboniere
Balune Glue Tape Refill